LEJOG – Day 9 – Ambleside to Kirkpatrick Fleming: (keep on movin)

Today started under a cloud, and very quickly deteriorated. In a massive massive way.

We set off from Ambleside around 10:00 and within 5 mins David had pulled over in agony with his knee. This time it was terminal. We cycled on, and he soldiered on, for around 10 miles. But at the top of the first decent climb, the game was over.

Not really sure what to say about that moment. Wasn’t sure whether I should jack it too, or plough on. Wasn’t sure what David wanted me to do – and didn’t ask as I didn’t want to put it on him. It was a very very dark time.

And the next few hours were dark to say the least, and literal.

David has always dreamed of LEJOG and I am so so gutted he couldn’t go on. If he wants to go back to Ambleside one day and complete the journey – I’ll be with him.

On the upside, the roads today were phenomenal – definitely the best 4 hours riding of the entire trip for me. Just fantastic…

Until the heavens opened just south of Carlisle, and then the bleakness, and emotional darkness descended again. We detoured into Carlisle to try and find food and shelter (pub) – but there was nothing really to be had that wouldn’t have scared the locals with our soakingness, and my Lycra.
My head was in a terrible place and as we passed the station I seriously thought, and said, I was packing it in.

It passed and we pressed on. I was finding some motivation from the prospect of entering Scotland and it wasn’t long before we hit the border, and Gretna.

Our campsite for the night is in Kirkpatrick Fleming, a small village 4 miles north of Gretna. The rain stopped just as we were entering the campsite – so at least we could pitch it tents in the ‘dry’. Small mercies and all that. Tomorrow we press on to Abington and then on Tuesday we make Helensburgh – really looking forward to that.

Today was grim, but we press on.

3 thoughts on “LEJOG – Day 9 – Ambleside to Kirkpatrick Fleming: (keep on movin)”

  1. Some very dark skies in those photos Davey:( You must have had a good feeling being near home. Keep safe guys and keep going! Dave

  2. Gutted I couldn’t join you for this section, I have rode other parts of the Reivers route instead whilst we have stayed in Northumberland as it cuts across Great Whittington where we are. Keep going, closer to JOG than LE now!

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