Becoming Mamil! (Lycra, Road Bike, L2P)

By late 2013 the lycra had already started finding it’s way into my wardrobe, the ‘clipless’ pedals had been installed on TZ, along with associated, low-speed ‘crashes’! What some people thought would be a fad was becoming much more than that. I was cycling to work almost every day, and was beginning to venture out on 20-30 mile rides on the weekend. Not only that, but I had signed up to do the London to Paris bike ride for charity in April this year.

Cue Death Trap (DT)

Death Trap
Death Trap

It was clear the more cycling I was doing at the weekend and the ease with which my friend went up hills, which were otherwise destroying me, that I needed to get a weekend sporter. My answer I suppose to a mid-life crisis sport convertible! DT, a Giant Defy Zero, is my first road bike, she’s light, agile, accelerates fast, in fact in many ways is like a Ferrari! She’s equally dangerous!! I got her around the turn of the year and was immediately terrified as soon as I got on her! I still am!

Over the months immediately after Christmas I started ramping up the weekend rides. The lycra got tighter, I got fitter, stronger, more confident, and looked more and more stupid! Looking stupid was a small price to pay, I needed to be sleek, lean and aero if I was going to make it to Paris!


As you can see from the picture, I made it. As you can also see I didn’t succeed on the sleek and lean front!! It was awesome though – an amazing 4 days of cycling and I met some amazing people too. The bulk of my 4 days was spent with the same 6 people, we called ourselves the magnificent 7. They were magnificent…

L2P Magnificent 7
L2P Magnificent 7

…and I wouldn’t have made it without them. Chapeau to them.

Since Paris I have done a few sportives and continued on the weekend rides, more recently with the Penge Cycle Club. A real nice bunch of folk and some great routes every Sunday morning – always reacquainting me with the Downs, and almost always with  Biggin hill!

Bringing us up to date, one ride of real note, the Dunwich Dynamo, a crazy through the night ride from E London to Dunwich on the Suffolk coast, 120 miles of madness. Did this with Lucy whom I met on the L2P – it was tough, real tough but we made it, and in good time.  Here are some pictures

Dunwich CrewDunwich beach 2train madness post Dunwichphoto 4


And now to blogging…

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