LEJOG – Day 10 – Kirkpatrick to Abington.

Today promised to be pretty easy – with only 44 miles of riding to take us to our next destination – Abington.

We took it really easy in the morning and didn’t really get going from the campsite until around 11:00.

We’d be riding the B road that runs alongside the M74 and the railway all day. Slowly snaking out way up and over the Southern Uplands.

As it was such a short day there wasn’t really much of note, other than a short stop in Lockerbie, and the uplands themselves – very beautiful – save for the motorway…

The only other feature of note was our first encounter with the river Clyde. I grew up on the Clyde and it was great to see the famous river near its source. We’ll be following it all tomorrow as we make our way to Helensburgh.

Weather wise, it was sunshine and showers all day – and we were taking it so easy, we even pulled in for shelter every time the heavens opened – so a couple of dry cyclists made it to this evenings campsite – that really does make all the difference.

Not got much else on today, and that’s probably a good thing. For the first time I’m beginning to think we might actually make it to John O’Groats – of course there will be more weather challenges I’m sure. Oh! And for the first time we encountered the midge – I suspect that will get much worse.

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