LEJOG – day 6 – Hereford to Royal Hill. (Borderline)

Today started well, saying that, it always tends to after a night in a real bed…Oh, and a curry! We were up and out of the hotel by 08:30. Spirits were high.

We’d adjusted our plan to take account of the low mileage yesterday and today planned a day of around 65 miles, taking us beyond the planned stopover for last night, and crucially, over what we have penned, the Shropshire Alps (perhaps accompanied by a fanfare). During the planning it became apparent that the Shropshire area of natural beauty would be the highest point in our journey – thus the moniker. Nonetheless we would still be a day behind but not the full mileage, we would hope to make that up over the coming days.

Of course first thing we had to go to a bike shop, I’d discovered a bent spoke on my front wheel, and with that much load on it I couldn’t take the chance of it going while riding on a dodgy road. ‘Climb on Bikes’ in Hereford were supreme, and 30 mins later we were rolling.

Today was easily the best day yet. My legs were good, the parcours was fantastic, it didn’t rain!! Easily the best day so far. Felt like the first day where we actually cycle toured.

We spent much of the day ‘flirting’ with Wales as we moved our way North through Herefordshire and into Shropshire. Dipping in and out of Wales almost by the half hour. We were pretty much climbing for 3/4 of the day – but compared to Cornwall, the gradients were doable. That made for a great days cycling. And that was much much needed.

In the end we lucked out on our choice of route through the Shropshire Alps – the climbs not too bad and the descent (which the Penge CC folk will know I hate), was amazing. Genuinely, I would come here with my road bike, it was absolutely awesome. And we ‘ate’ up the miles.

We also lucked out on our choice of campsite. A pub/campsite by the Severn (a stream here) – with great food, and a glorious spot to camp.

For the first time on this trip we made our campsite dry, and in the daylight! Things are looking up…

Some other pics of the day.

One thought on “LEJOG – day 6 – Hereford to Royal Hill. (Borderline)”

  1. So glad things were looking better, was beginning to get worried about the 3 of you!!! Take care. Mum McTeague

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