LEJOG – Day 5 – Chepstow (ish) to Hereford. (Gimme Shelter)

Oh dear oh dear.

So, yesterday’s blog, was finished this morning in my tent. I think I mentioned that, and the fact it was pissing it down. It was also blowing a gale.

The plan, as I mentioned was to leave early, get a head start on the day, get to our campsite (not in Hereford), early.

The fact it was tipping it down filled us all with dread – soaking wet tents, soaking wet us. But, as it turned out, that was the least of our worries.

David and Matt went off to have a shower, in the rain. I meanwhile was packing up in my tent, dreading the whole de-tenting process. When they came back Tent death had occurred. Matt’s tent had blown round, smashing into David’s, and in the process snapping one of his tent poles!! It was collapsed, beyond repair, and it was soaking – along with everything in it. This was not good – really not good.

We knew LEJOG would be hard – but seriously, it’s pissed it every day, we’ve had mechanical after mechanical, the hills have been relentless – mega tough.

To add insult to injury, and this is delicate… David, being an experienced camper, doesn’t wander about in the dark looking for somewhere to ‘relieve’ himself – rather he has a ‘pot’, yes, a pot to piss in. Unfortunately this was not secured properly and in the Tent death incident had ‘added’ to the wetness of all of his stuff. Tense times.

We agreed we would all chip in for a new tent – the right motif – and set about packing everything else up in the rain. Of course, just when we were about to ride out of the campsite we discovered that I had 2 punctures, yes!! Absolutely unbelievable!! That’s one in each btw. By the time we set off it was not early, rather late, miserable, and stressful.

As a result of all of this – I am writing this from a laundrette (the fabulous Laundry basket) in Hereford. Yes, 40 miles short of where we should be, and yes, in a ‘hotel’. We deserved it.

Our journey here was actually pretty good. Stopping off in Monmouth for brunch, and buying a tent also. The scenery down the Wye valley was stunning – and even after all of that, had a restorative effect on all of our moods. As did the splendid lunch and advice at Henry’s Cafe – solid.

It was around 14:30, just when Davids brakes completely failed, that we came to the realisation that Hereford would be good. And here we are.

We’ll make the time up over the next 2 days.

We’re broken, but not out.

Here are the few pictures we managed to take. Pay particular attention to our lovely hotel room – which stinks of wet tents and sleeping bags!!

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