Budapest to Byzantium. Day 18. Kirklareli to Cerkezkoy

In all honesty today was awful. Things are not good in the ‘team’ and that, combined with a massive headwind and dreadful roads with dreadful driving made for a fairly tortuous day. The sort of day that has left me wondering what it is I am really doing… Which is a shame.

To balance that though, today could be viewed as a challenge, and one I came through. If I was ever serious about a round the world effort I should expect days far worse than today, maybe minus the interpersonal tension – which I’m probably too sensitive to.

I’ve said before, but it is extremely hard, and increasingly so the harder the challenge is, to hold together 2 personalities who are quite different and expect different things from the day. For me it has always been about the journey, but much of the last few days has been about racing/battling to that days destination – and too little has been made or understood of the countryside and towns/cities we are passing through. For sure the next time I do this, I will do it at my pace and take in everything going on around me – for that, for me, is the whole point.

Rant over.

Given the absolute dreadful conditions for cycling and all I have said above I barely have any pictures. What I have can be found below.

The day mainly consisted of hugging a white line, on a massively busy road, with little run off area, pedalling furiously into a massive headwind. The wind meant you couldn’t hear the traffic behind, which only added to the stress and danger. It was relentless and only slightly eased by the slowing in traffic speed as we passed through town after town. Only slightly eased, because the driving in the towns was ridiculous. I have no idea why they have white lines in the middle of the road as traffic is as likely to be oncoming in your side of the road as the other.

Tomorrow will be the last day of cycling and I am determined to enjoy it. It will see me complete a journey from the Atlantic to Asia and I should be proud of that.

Pics of today.

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