Burgundy to Budapest. Day 15. Au an der Donau to Krems

First full day on the road today as a ‘3’. Has been a nice change so far…

Writing this in the town of Melk. Famous for it’s Benedictine Abbey overlooking the town and the river. Matt and Lucy have headed on up to it to take a look. I’m getting some quiet time in. I say quiet, but there is rather a large number (100’s) of American tourists, going about their business of being tourists…loudly!

Abbey at Melk
Abbey at Melk

So far today we have done around 46 miles, and pretty easy miles they were too. The highlight for me being at 44 miles – which marked my 1000’th mile in the saddle on this trip – pretty pleaed with that. The featured picture of me above is at the moment. No major deal, and not even the river, but for me, quite a milestone.

We have another 20 miles or so to go to our destination today, which should be fairly easy. The cycling infrastructure is getting better as we go along, the paths are fantastic, and the views, amazing. On the infrastructure thing – check this out… Like a velo helterskelter to get you from the path by the river, up to the bridge above.

image image image

Another night of camping on the agenda this eve. Will be the 4th night in a row, which is fine, though I have to say is taking it’s toll a wee bit. I am pretty knackered and as yet haven’t had a day out of the saddle. Really looking forward to Vienna tomorrow – a hotel, a bed, and hopefully, a bit of a lie-in on Tuesday. Here are some shots of this morning’s ride. Oh an one of a veding machine on the cycle path that vends inner tubes and tyres – amazing.

image image image image image


So continuing…

Made it to Krems succesfully, but somewhat laboured after a long stop at lunch. Wind is back and in our faces – which makes life pretty hard. We are back in the gorges and this time we are surrounded by Wachau vinyards. The Wachau is the name for this part of Austria and as with all of this trip, is stunning. Again, as with all of this trip, I feel as though I have not had time to stop and take it all in. I will come back.

Campsite is pretty good, standard, but great showers which were needed and delivered. 1026 miles cycled now, very pleased with that – but ccan feel it in almost my entire body.

Out having dinner now. Tomorrow is Vienna. Here is some of this afternoon. Cheers.

image image image image image

2 thoughts on “Burgundy to Budapest. Day 15. Au an der Donau to Krems”

  1. Hi Davey, sorry about the delay in following but I have caught up and congratulations on the 1000 mile milestone! Have a great evening and rest. Dave O’Shea

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