Burgundy to Budapest. Day’s 13 & 14. Passau to Linz, Linz to Au an der Donau.

Kind  of a 2 day transition phase the last 2 days. Yesterday marked the end of Germany and the journey into Austria, and today marked the addition of Lucy to the group.

Day 13. Passsau to Linz (Fall)

We set off from the campsite in Passau pretty early and quickly made good time travelling down the river towards Austria. The geography had changed again, and we were back into limestone gorge territory – just stunning. On a political level I am all for the EU, however there is a drawback – underwhelming borders. We were a good 3 miles into Austria before we realised we were – at least on the Swiss/German frontier there was a border post, albeit empty.

We continued down the valley sweeping round countless ‘S’ shaped meanders until the path on the North bank ran out – no worries though as there are many samll ferrries acros the river at regular intervals.

image image

Continuing on the South bank we made our way further into Austria and stopped in the small town of Ascach for Lunch. Ascach in many ways resembled a British seaside town, with bars and restaurants along the banks of the river. Pasta, again being the order of the day. Unlike the last few days the weather is now hot, not complaining, actually I am, I always do, but the heat made the last 15 miles to the campsite quite tough.

The campsite in Fall was a bit weird.. actually it turned out to be great, but first impressions were slightly scary. First, it was basically a run down, slightly dirty country pub with a bit of grass for tents. Second, in the grim toilets were various machines, for sex related things, such as this one.


I was getting worried we had pitched up in some crazzy swingers pub in uper Austria!! Actually it was quite decent, no swinging, food was good and the toilet and shower block was new and clean – so no worries at all. Perhaps the torrential rain through the night was the only downside, and I would rate Fall as one of the best camping nights so far.

Day 14. Linz (Fall) to Au an der Donau

Today was all about getting out to the airport, meeting Lucy (who is riding my other bike – TZ), and negotaiting ourway back through Linz and onto the next Campsite in Au.

Everything went off weithout a hitch, which is pretty amazing. And the plastic bag tranpostation solution for taking a bike on the plain also worked for Lucy on Ryanair, so I am less worried about using the same solution with BA for the flight home from Budapest.

To be honest there is not much else to say about today other than it is great to now be part of a 3. Will change the dynamic a bit, but for the better, and also re-energise Matt and I.

The campsite here is great. Lovely spot by the river. Will be interesting to see how Lucy gets on in Matt’s tent from here on – if the ‘noises’ he makes are anything to go by I feasr the worst.

Here are some shots of the last 2 days.

image image image image

image image

image image



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