Day 9.Vidin to Islaz.

A massively tough day today. 115 miles, fully loaded, in 35 degree heat. I struggled. To be honest, the extra 10 miles getting back from the mistaken hotel and back into Romania didn’t help….

So first cycling job of the day – get back over the bridge to Romania.


Second job.. pumell it along the southern border of Romania, along the Dunav (Danube). Our plan for the last few days has been to make hard work along Romania, and get to the coast as quickly as possible for a few rest days.

Easier said than done in this heat. We managed 115 miles today – in what was the hardest ride I have ever done – again light on pics as a result. Highlights of today.

  1. Every kid, in every village runs out, when they see us coming to give us high 5’s – truly life affirming. Why they say hola – I don’t know – but I’ll take those high 5’s all day long.
  2. the volume of horse drawn carts – as much as cars – this part opf the EU, rolls very diifernetly to the northern/western part.
  3. Garages. We spent the day cycling, eating food from garages – seemed to be the only place to get anything. Petrom, being our favourite – air con, decent loo, decent ice cream… shortly followd by Luk oil.
  4. Sleepy wild dogs – not one attack all day. I need to use my stick!!

Some shots from the day:

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