Days 10 & 11. Ulm to Neuberg, Neuberg to Regensburg.

Ulm to Neuberg:

75 Miles planned on this leg so got up and out of Ulm fairly early. The first 5 miles or so were pretty decent alongside the main road on one side and the river on the other. We took a wrong turn, but on the upside corssed a brige where the shot above was taken. After back tracking a mile or so we got back on the route. In the main part the route tends to be on paved cycle paths running alongside the road or river, or on back streets around the area, however at this point yesterday we were taken into a forest, on what was basically a hard packed muddy trail – this went on for about 10 miles and took it’s toll on both of our bikes. The weather wasn’t great either which wasn’t helping matters.

Gravel path on the levee
Gravel path on the levee

After leaving the forest we got on our first levee path – something that would become more frequent over today and tomorrow’s ride. The surface here is OK – but have to say is not great for road bike tyres, such as mine. Matt on the other hand has humungous tyres and was loving it. Upside of the levee is the amazing vistas over the river – which has grown considerably by this point. The Levee went on for around 10 miles, until the route turned us back on the roads. We stopped at a Lidl and stocked up for lunch. Bread, salami, cheese – job done. Deciding to avoid the official route for a bit, mainly because I’d had enough of the gravel, we followed the ’16’ road for the rest of the day pretty much – discovering that most roads have cycle paths to one side, usually away from the traffic. This is good as the roads are more direct and the surface good.

We rolled into Neuburg around 6 and set up camp for the night. No internet, which is why I am writing this now, but nonethless a really lovely little spot to camp, right by the river and next to the town centre. Here are some other pics of the day.

image imageimage image image

Day 11. Neuburg to Regensburg

This will be short as I am knackered… Today was a slog. Not helped by the fact some joker had been messing with the distances on the route signs, and so everytime we thought we were nearing the end, there was still 10 miles to go!! It was a day largely punctuated by Levee paths and strange detours, round all of the houses. The wind has not been our friend either these last 2 days and so all in all we made very heavy weather of the days pedalling. Wind can reduce your speed by around 4-5 mph and that makes for exhausting cycling.

We got out of the campsite early, around 8, and planned to stop in Ingolstadt for breakfast. i should say at this point that the German’s are keen on roadside Crucifixes, Christ on cross shrine type things and the like. I’m led to believe this part of Germany is very catholic, and so that probably explains it. We got to Ingolsdadt quickly and stopped for coffee and doughnuts. Then as we were peddalling through town we came across this religious iconography…


Really not sure what was going through their mind when they made this…

After Ingolstadt wee ploughed on. More Levee gravel, more rediculous detours, more wind in our face. What was supposed to be an easy day was becoming one of the hardest. We managed to get a small break, by taking af ferry 6km through a limestone gorge, really amazing, and was nice to be on the Danube for the first time. some might say that is cheating, but it is actually part of the official route and definitley beats going overr the surrounding hills!!

We got into Regensburg around 6 and both being knackeredd opted for a budgert Ibis hotel. Tomorrow is a 90 mile plus ride, and the wayt we are feeling, could weell be another marathon slog.

Here are some other pictures from today. cheers, and night night.

image image image image image image image image

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