Burgundy to Budapest. Day’s 8 & 9. Donaueschingen to Hausen, Hausen to Ulm

Today was good. Was supposed to be an easy 40, but didn’t quite pan out like that. But was nonetheless.
Today we met the Danube for the first time. Here it is.

The start, if you want, of the Danube is the confluence of the Breg and the Brigach, below is a picture of both. A slightly underwhelming beginning, but for me at least, amazing.

Breg - official main tributory and source of danube
Breg – official main tributory and source of danube

The first 20 miles, weirdly, was fairly nondescript farmland, albeit at 700 metres above, then the river started cutting through limestone to create quite stunning scenery, though not so great for cycle paths. What was supposed to be easy downhill became quite choppy.

image image image
We got to the campsite at 17:00, went out, had a meal, came back and had a beer right on the river – was amazing. Will let these pictures say the rest.
Tomorrow is a biggy again.

image image image image image image image image
Based on the fact there was no wifi available yesterday here is tomorrow now.
Day 9: Hausen to Ulm

Today was always going to be relatively big. 80 odd miles to cover following the river to Ulm. We set off early at 07:00 and made great progress. Stopping in Sigmaringen for breakfast after around 12 miles.
The geography has changed massively and Sigmaringen signalled the end of the gorge and the beginning of a more typical rolling countryside landscape – good news for cycling!! We got in to a real decent rhythm and the pedalling was relatively easy, clipping along at around 15mph. No wind today, or as Luke called it, “Dutch hills”. Yesterday was doubly tough as the wind was in our faces making what should have been easy, a real pain in the neck!

We made it to Ehingen (55 miles in) around 13:00 and stopped for lunch. I’m beginning to learn, the hard way, that you must eat, even when you are not hungry, or you will pay the price later. As cyclists call it – the bonk – when you run out of energy all together and can’t carry on. So none of that today.
After lunch we quickly settled into our rhythm again and made Ulm by 15:00. Pretty pleased with that. Ulm is famous for its tall cathedral spire, which was the tallest structure in the world for a long time, so Matt tells me. He’s off there now to climb it. I’m writing this and doing a washing – needs must!!
Will post some of Ulm tomorrow, but for the moment here are other pictures of the day. cheers.

image image image image image

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