Burgundy to Budapest. Day 4. Besancon to Belfort

Not been as easy a ride as I thought today may have been.

Couple of things jump to mind. Firstly I have got soaked about 4 times – a day of torrential downpours and although I could see blue sky most of the time I always seemed to be under the blackest of clouds.

Pouring on I'lle de Doubs
Pouring on I’lle de Doubs

Second, meandering rivers! Although it’s beautiful the way a river cuts through the hill/mountainside, sometimes you can cycle 5 miles just to be half a mile forwards. Which is fine, but not so much in the rain. Saying that, a meandering river in Franche-Comte is a thing of beauty – just stunning.


Also I’m Scottish, as my 3 followers will know – so I can take a bit of rain. I say 3 followers, was actually 2 until 10 mins ago when my Mum started following me – thanks Mum, my stats are going through the roof.

The journey out of Besancon was lovely, and although the skies were grey, the scenery was spectacular.


This is very much an area worth visiting again. I’ve not seen past the valley slopes, but expect there must be fantastic things to see on the hill sides and beyond. I made pretty good time, albeit soaking, to my planned lunch stop of I’lle de Doubs. I should have known nothing would be open! However the kebab shop was – and needs must!!


After a ‘Donner’, frites and a Hieneken I was fuelled for the second leg to Belfort, or to be more accurate the Gare de Belfort Montbeliard TGV – which is where I am now and where I will meet my good mate Luke shortly. Have to say I am quite looking forward to the company – will be good to not have to mime everything I am trying to say!! Is a hotel for us this eve and then the Vosges Mountains tomorrow – not sure what I’ve let myself in for as Crispin (new name for bike – cheers Matt, full name Crispin Le Tank) weighs a ton!! As I cycled up from the valley bed at Montbeliard to Belfort I caught my first glimpse of the Vosges – daunting. Going to try and get to a bike shop first thing and get the chain, tyres etc checked as he has taken a bit of a beating today. Anyway, more of this tomorrow and here are some photos of the day. Bon Soir.


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