Burgundy to Budapest (Day 1) London to Nevers



Today marks the continuation of my Eurovelo 6 epic pedal across Europe. Picking up from where I left off last August – Nevers in Burgundy

So… back to it again. Back in France, and briefly, back on the Loire.

This time however I plan to cover twice the distance, over twice as many days. Passing through  5 countries (possibly 6). Ending the trip in Budapest. I’ll follow the Rhine for a bit, do some hills in the Vosges (though God knows how I’ll get up them, the bike is that heavy), and for the bulk of the journey follow the Danube from its source – ending in Budapest. The keen geography folk that read this, and only 2 people actually do read this, so Mum, if you’re keen on your geography, you’ll know the Danube doesn’t end in Budapest – so next year, the final part of my journey will be to follow the Danube from Budapest to Constanta on the Black Sea.

Another difference is that I will have company for a large part of it. The first 5 days will be just me and the tank, then Luke will be joining me for some hill climbing, followed by Matt in Switzerland/Germany and finally Lucy for Austria and Hungary. Will be good to have folk about – though Matt is mental and that worries me a bit!!

Today we’ve (Le Tank and I) taken the Eurostar to Paris, cycled across Paris to the Gare de Lyon, and caught the sncf intercitie to Nevers. All pretty seamless – so a good start.


Tomorrow the cycling begins proper. Really looking forward to it. This eve, had a pizza at the same place I did last time. Creature of habit, also it is the place a single person feels least conspicuous, finally, it’s good. San Remo pizza in Nevers if you’re interested.

Here is some more rubbish pictures of either a bike or some steps, or both.




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