Day 10. Nevers to Paris to London

Final day in France. Was an easy start to the day. Had a decent breakfast, then packed up all the panniers for the last time…at least for a while. Pedalled across the bridge to Nevers Gare SNCF for the 10:00 train to Paris Gare Bercy.


I’ve visited some great towns and cities, Tours and Nantes being standout. But the thing I will miss the most I reckon is cycling in absolutely wonderful countryside alongside the river. A massive contrast from my regular commute across London!




Velo car
Velo car


The TER train to Paris was easy with TZ being hung in the now familiar vela area.

The only slight challenge of the day was the 5 mile pedal across Paris to the Gare du Nord. Was easy, thanks to Garmin. Cycling most of the way alongside the canal – an area I hadn’t seen before, and yet another part of Paris that makes me want to go back there and explore a lot more.

I was booked on the Eurostar to London at 14:43 – so had plenty of time. TZ was pre booked to go on the freight carriage and checking the bike in round the back of the station was simple. One thing, you have to take everything off it, so that’s a bit of a pain if you have time to traps around. Instead I decided to grab a beer across the road and get some lunch in.



Gare de Nord
Gare du Nord



The trip back to London was excellent and collecting the bike at St Pancras was easy. All that remained was the familiar journey back to Clapham. On the familiar London cycle route 3.


So that’s it, Loire a velo, August 2014 complete. and an absolutely brilliant experience.

2 thoughts on “Day 10. Nevers to Paris to London”

  1. Good effort. Glad you had a (generally) enjoyable time. That last bit to Nevers is dull though, isn’t it? My cycling friend and I were convinced we were ‘Nevers’ going to make it to the end! Anyway, the next bit of the Eurovelo 6 to Bourban-Lancy is a bit grim but after that, it is amazing. Franche-Comte and the Alsace are particularly nice. I’m sure you’ll be heading back to the good old EV6!

    1. It was fantastic. Thanks. Know what you mean about the route into Nevers…wasn’t a great surface either. Definitely be back to continue on the EV6. For my first time doing anything like that, I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a lot too.

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