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Race Against Tyne – Day’s 1 & 2

You know what… I am just way too knackered to write properly this eve. Tried last night, and failed then too. A few things..

  1. This really is a challenge – a massive one. I’m proud beyond belief of everyone doing this – has been brutal. And some of the efforts, no, all of the efforts have been incredible – from the fast crew (and James) , to Zoe, Sudhakar and Kent – all new to cycling. Chapeau to everyone. The Darnley crew deserve mention here too – awesome efforts by all accounts. Chapeau.
  2. Big shout out to special gust star Dominic – towed a large bunch of us about 30 miles through Yorkshire – he’s a machine.
  3. THE WIND – we have cycled 223 miles in 2 days – that is tough by anyone’s measure – but we’ve done it in a headwind – and that multiplies the effort hugely. Apparently today’s wind was coming from the South, we were cycling North – and yet -it was in our face all day.
  4. THE WIND – don’t take a comfort break facing it (that’s a pee), what will happen is that you empty your bladder all over yourself. And you can’t turn round as everyone else your riding with is standing behind you – schoolboy stuff David!!!
  5. York (where we are this eve). We passed the Welcome to York sign about 3 hours before we actually got to our hotel – what is all that about.
  6. Jeff got shat on by a bird, Dave W got stung by a Bee in the mouth, I crashed into a gate. Kate V smashed a wheel – and in almost pro cycling style the support crew of Kev and Abigail were there in minutes replacing it.
  7. The fund-raising – a woman pulled up in her car next to a group of us yesterday – wound the window down – we were expecting the customary Cyclist’s are w*ankers abuse. Instead – she said she had Multiple Sclerosis and wanted to say Thank you. For me that alone has made this challenge worthwhile. On that – here’s the link.
  8. And that is as much as I have. The photo’s can tell the rest of the story.

Cheers. Davey