London To Venice

This Saturday, 18th May, I will be embarking on the next instalment of my annual Cycle Tour across Europe. Taking in the Alps, the Dolomites, the Schwartzwald, the Ardennes and some Flanders, I will be cycling from my home in London to Venice.

Unlike last year we are going back to basics – no support – no flashy road bikes. Just us and our trusty touring steads with tents on the back.

As ever, I will be joined by this lunatic:

So expect a lot of this… “WTF!!!”, “how can that snap off your bike”, “please stop being such a w*n**r”… etc. You know the drill.

A lot has gone on since last year, and as ever, changes in my life come fast and furious. I’m in a very happy place right now – something you a) cannot quote me on and b) very rarely hear. So getting back on Crispin (Ridegback Panorama) and riding with Matt for a couple of weeks should rectify that!!

And so bring on Saturday and this:

5 thoughts on “London To Venice”

  1. Good luck David; have fun, but most importantly come back in one piece, you’ve got RAT to organise…

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