London to Spain. Day 6 – Cazeres Sur l’Adour

Hmmm… This is not going to be a big post. Largely because not much happened today and I’m fed up banging on about long straight roads. We got out of the hotel for 09:30 and were immediately on a bike path – a long, straight bike path, through a forest. I’m not complaining, it was great, perfect surface, flat. But my God, it went on. And on, and on – for about 30 miles.We made good time and stopped at a grocery store in Moustey, a small town north of Pissos. The spot was good and sandwiches and crisps was the motif.I say good, except for the fact that after 2 mins this turned upAnd created an absolute racket, enough to give us all a headache. We moved on to Pissos. Had a coffee and then got on the main road. Decided to bash out the 40 miles to Mont de Marsan – where we thought we would stop for lunch. Turned out there was some kind of festival on – and again, the gang didn’t really cope with the large number of humans. Most of them smashed – at 15:00 in the day.We pressed on to the hotel for this eve. And to be honest, there isn’t much else to say about today. It was functional cycling, on straight roads. Maybe except for the last 15 miles – where the geography was changing again – we are approaching the Pyrenees.Tonight’s going to be low low key. We are in the middle of nowhere and the mother of all storms is going on outside. Thank God we were not cycling in it.Tomorrow is Rob’s last day – sad times. I think he’s enjoyed it, I hope he has.The 3 of us will press on – up some mountains and on to Spain.

One thought on “London to Spain. Day 6 – Cazeres Sur l’Adour”

  1. Really amused at your idea of crowds after so many quiet times on the roads!! Loving your blog and very impressed with your stamina and progress. Hats off!

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