LEJOG – Day 13 – Glencoe to Drumnadrochit:

Yet another drama free day. The weather behaved, even the wind, which was blowing a gale, was behind us. Fatigue is setting in though. Although today involved the least climbing yet, and we had that tailwind, it was tough. Just general tiredness in the main – Matt was having one of those off days, the kind of day your heart sinks each time you see a small rise – and that made the going tough.

We set off from Glencoe around 10:30 and decided we would aim for a destination 15 miles past our planned stop – this would reduce tomorrow’s riding and was a good plan.

The day would see us largely cycle the length of the Great Glen and it’s 3 lochs, Lochy, Oich and Ness. And also a great 5 mile section of the Caledonian Canal.

We stopped for Brunch around 11:30 – just after we crossed Loch Linhe as we headed towards Fort William

Toasted sandwiches would be our afternoon’s fuel. This motif continued as more toasties were had for our afternoon snack at the Cafe of the Well of Seven Heads (not sure – the root of that).

You can probably tell that I’m padding this out a bit – and in all honesty that is shamelessly because there is not much else to say. Yes, the scenery stunning, but as a result of our fatigue, it really was a heads down and grind it out day.

Highlight of the day is obviously Ben Nevis – a significant landmark as we progress.

Here are the few other shots I managed to get today. Ben Nevis is 2nd one down…

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