Burgundy to Budapest. Day 2. Paray Le Monial to Chalon sur Saone.

The first night in a tent went as well as can be expected. I think I slept…that’s how it always is! The hayfever/sunburn combo didn’t help either I suppose. Forgot to mention yesterday that a German ladie (Carmen) was camping next to me – apparently she has been cycle touring for 22 years. She had all the gear and as I awoke could hear her cooking away – that didn’t help much either as I have no means to cook and nothing to cook. I asked her for advice on packing the tent when it’s still wet with condensation – she said that used to happen to her until she got the “rolls Royce” of tents…to go with her “the Rolls Royce” of touring bikes. When I packed my tent and explained I had to get out and find coffee and food pronto – as her coffee brewed away – and no offer was forethcoming – I was tempted to discuss the recent VE Day celebrations!

Stop for lunch
Stop for lunch

Anyway, today’s plan was to follow the canal de centre to Monceau Les Mines – find somewhere for lunch and then press on, perhaps on some busier roads as the EV6 route goes all over the place. So far so good. Lunch has been had, quiche with salad, followed by some sort of Beef stew, and as I type, a massive slice of chocolate cakie with Creme Anglaise. Should set up me up well for the next 3-4 hours cycling.

Made it to campsite, though have to say at one point I was 50/50. Still not feeling great and was tempted  by a hotel. Still not feeling 100% and could really use a decent nights kip – but thinkn I have mad the right decision. the owners here are lovely… Example. you can buy food here but it comes in a pot, ready top take back to your campervan where you heat it up etc… Taking pitty on me they allowd me to have mine at the bar, and mountains of it there was too, much to the annoyance of several English folk – nice. the fact that I got the last serving only made matters worse/better.

view from bar over saone
view from bar over saone

Have to say today’s cycling was very 50/50. In the morning ferlt like shit. Legs were just not there 0 in the afternoon, after a decent lunch, the EV6 led me a merry dance, at times on gravel paths – I was cursing! The reward however was 25 miles coasting down the canal path to Chalon – a very needed and good end to the ride. route tips. Follow the N974 all day until the last 20 miles – then join the EV6.

As usual here are some more, mainly rubbish shots;

image image image image image image

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