Final prep

Final night before my Eurovelo 6 journey begins tomorrow.

Spent the last 2 hours considering how many pairs of pants I should take… It’s a complicated formula – more pants equals better hygiene, but also equals more weight. Same goes for jumpers, socks, t shirts etc…

Still haven’t really decided yet, but think it will be 4 of each on the pants/socks front – which i will marry up with some travel wash in order to maintain hygiene! Saying that, I don’t even wear pants when I’m lycra’d up so there is a definite saving there!! Picture above gives you a rough idea of where I’m at with packing / planning.

Not going to sleep tonight… too many things going round and round my head. It’s weird because all I am doing is cycling the Loire – many people have. And many of the people who’s blogs I have read for info/inspiration have not only cycled the Loire – but kept going, some are still going!! But you have to start somewhere and so this is my beginning. 

The itinerary then goes like this:

Tomorrow: Train to Portsmouth, overnight ferry to St Malo.

Tuesday: 3 trains. St Malo to Rennes, Rennes to Nantes, Nantes to Pornic. Cycle to St Brevins Les Pins.

That will be when I first see the emergence of the Loire into the Atlantic – I’m excited for that view, and that moment, I think I’ll be more relaxed when I see the Loire. Looking forward to being on my bike, by the river, that will be when the journey begins proper.


2 thoughts on “Final prep”

    1. Ha! Think it always was pretty padded!! never needed ther cream to date – though have some for emergencies!!

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