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Days 18 & 19. Bratislava to Gyor (Hungary). Gyor to Esztergom.

Bratislava to Gyor

Bratislava was excellent, beautiful, nice people and definitely a place I would like to go back to. Was a real wrench to leave it without exploring more. We left the hostel, which was excellent, around 10 and made our way into town for breakfast.

The route takes you back over the river and onto the south bank and we mad excellent time along the perfectly paved levee’s out of Bratislava and south. After around 18 miles we reached the Hungariann border. Not a massive song and dance, but at least a flag.


Did feel pretty proud of myself making it to Hungary. Country number 6. We almost immediately left the levees and onto ‘cycle paths’ that run alongside the roads.


We also left the river and didn’t see her again until later the next day. The paths are OK. Not brilliant but you can work with them. One thing that was causing a problem was the sun. Typical Brit moaning about the weather, but anyone who has every been to a wedding in Hungary will know that it is actually hotter than the sun!! Today was no exception – 36 degrees as we pedalled along! We made good progress, but had to keeep stopping for water.

We got into Gyor around 4 and all in all wa a pretty good days cycling. The hotel was also excellent, and the friendliness of the owner was great – very helpful and all round nice guy. For 15 Euro each it was a real bargain.

Gyor is a nice town, suffers for not having the river. But maybe benefits too as it does not have thousands of Americans and Chinese tourists all over the place.

We went out for a meal by the little Danube, a canal taken from the Danube, I suspect to give the city some sort of river vibe.

Here is Gyor.

image image image image image image

Gyor to Esztergom

We set of fairly late this morning thinking it would be a relatively easy 60 miler. We couldn’t have been more wrong. It was baking hot, the route was convoluted, and the bike paths were not even paths for a large chunk. As a result we only got here at 20:00. a lot of the day was spent on paths like this:

image image

The day was an absolute slog, and to be honest I have nothng to write about really. It was an effort. Best moment was this:


Kind of sad that tomorrow is my last days cycling, but happy too, and possibly relieved. My backside is, that’s for sure.

The hotel is lovely again (view from window below), and the people working here would bend over backwards to help you and make you feel welcome. Hungarian people are lovely… Their cycle paths however, are not. Cheers.